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Our focus - your SATISFACTION.

Our mission

Sensordin mission is to provide its clients with the most appropriate solutions to their needs and desires, focusing their resources on customer satisfaction, guaranteeing a privileged follow-up, seeking to increase trust, transparency and competence through products commercialized and services provided.

We recognize the importance of all employees in the development of the company, they have the skills deemed necessary to provide a service in compliance and in order to satisfy our customer's needs.

We try to be demanding with our service and with our partners, because we believe that only this way, we can provide our customers with a service of quality and excellence.

How we work

We designate Pré-Venda (Pre-Sale) the initial phase of the business. At this stage the customer is presented with the ideal solution for their needs. Our Sales Department, together with our technical area (Technical Department), is responsible for presenting the best solution to the customer.

In a second phase, we have the Venda (Sale), the moment that the business is confirmed and delivered to the customer. After approval of the solution presented to the customer, the process of Sale begins, at this moment there is a commitment by Sensordin , to comply the agreed with the customer. It is our mission to ensure compliance with delivery deadlines and conditions previously established.

Finally, after the conclusion of the sale, we have the Suporte (Support), also known as after-sales service. Our focus is to ensure the satisfaction of our client, providing the customer with the necessary technical support in the development of their activity, providing training actions and workshops on products and news.



Number of products marketed distributed by our 10 brands.



Number of customers who made purchases last year.



% satisfaction of our clients according to the latest evaluation report



% fulfillment delivery deadlines to our customers

Our structure

Sensordin Organization Chart is based on a simple structure, composed of 3 levels and where the different departments interact with each other.

In the first level - Refers to the company management.

In the second we find the different departments that make up Sensordin: Financial Dep., IT & Quality Dep., Commercial Dep..

In the third are the various sections that comprise the Commercial Department: Technical Dep., Commercial, Administrative e Logistics.