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Selec Controls Pvt Ltd is an Indian company founded in 2000, certified by ISO 9000 standard, is engaged in the development, production and commercialization of electronic products dedicated to Industry. Every product are certified by CE, UL e RoHS.

Selec has 4 manufacturing plants and one distribution center located India and is represented worldwide through two subsidiaries, located in Germany, Select GmbH and the USA, Select Controls USA, Inc and by local distributors spread across 4 continents in 73 countries.

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Product Category

Wide range of process controllers and electrical solutions.

Digital Meters

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Applications: Control Panels, Distribution Systems, Motor Control Centers, Process control & SCADA, Genset Panels, Test Bench.

  • Multifunction Meters
  • Energy Meters
  • Volt Ampere Frequency Meters
  • Digital Voltmeters
  • Digital Ammeters
  • Power Factor Meters
  • Frequency Meters
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Analog Meters

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Applications: Distribution Panels, Electroplating Industries, Electrical load monitoring.

  • Analog Meters
  • Analog Ammeters
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Current Transformers

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Applications: Control Panels, Switchgear, Control Devices, Distribution System.

  • Special Current Transformers
  • Tape Wound Current Transformers
  • Ring Type Current Transformer
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Automatic Power Factor Controllers

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Applications: Textile Industries, Food Processing Industries, Printing Industries, Automobile Industries, Hospitals, CNC Machines.

  • LCD Automatic Power Factor Controllers
  • LED Automatic Power Factor Controllers
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Line Monitoring

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Applications: Escalators, Elevators, Hoist, Cranes, DG set Panel, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment.

  • Phase Sequence Relay
  • Analog Voltage Protection Relays
  • Digital Voltage Protection Relay
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Current Protection

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Applications: Monitoring of Lighting Systems, Heating Circuits, Machine Control, Panel Boards, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment.

  • 1 Phase Current Protection Relay
  • 3 Phase Current Protection Relay
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Earth Leakage

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Applications: Feeders, Motors, Transformers, Chemical Plant, Pulp Industries, Oil Refineries, Cement Plant, Steel Plant, Mining & Control Engineering.

  • Analog Earth Leakage Relay
  • Digital Earth Leakage Relay
  • Earth Leakage Relay With In Built CBCT
  • Core Balance Current Transformer
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Earth Fault

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Applications: Generator Panels, Air Circuit Break, Synchronizing Control Panels.

  • Digital Earth Fault Relay
  • Earth Fault Current Transformer
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Motor Protection

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Applications: Control Panels, Feeder / Motor, Generator, Transformer, Electrical Distribution.

  • Analog Motor Protection Relay
  • Motor Protection Current Transformer
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Level Controller

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Applications: Booster Pump Control Panels, Water Distribution Pumps House, Suitability for Water Cooled Machines.

  • Analog Water Level Controller
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Applications: Rinsing Filling and capping, Cone filling, Vacuum Packaging Machine, Goods elevator, Environmental chamber, Packing Industry.

  • Flexible IO Solution
  • Compact Series
  • Fixed IO Configuration
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Applications: Jar Filling Machine, Automatic FIRE Suppression System, Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine, Extrusion Machine.

  • 7" Touchscreen
  • 3.5" Touchscreen
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Applications: Jar Filling Machine, Automatic FIRE Suppression System, Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine, Extrusion Machine.

  • Expansion
  • Power Supply
  • Relay Modules
  • Convertors
  • Communication Adapter
  • Cables
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Time Switches

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Applications: Street Light, Alarm / Bells, Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine, Signbords, AC Control, High Mast Lighting, Water Sprinkling, Motor / Pump Control.

  • Time Switch- Din Rail Mount
  • Time Switch- Wall Mount
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Applications: Starters / Control Panel, Injection Moulding Machinery, Stone Processing Machinery, Ball Mill Application, Offset Printing Industries, Rubber Processing Industry, Textile.

  • Analog Timers- 17.5mm Din Rail
  • Analog Timers- 22.5mm Din Rail
  • Analog Timers- Plug/Panel Mount
  • Digital Timers- Single Display, Multifunction
  • Digital Timers- Dual Display, Multifunction
  • Digital Timer- Sequential
  • Time Interval Meters
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Temperature Controllers

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Applications: Plastic Processing, Packaging, Ovens, Water Bath, Furnance, Heatsealing, Extruder Machines, Autoclaves for sterilization, Pharma Industries.

  • Temperature Controllers-PID
  • Temperature Controllers-Profile
  • Temperature Controllers
  • Temperature Controllers-Analog
  • Cooling Controller
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Process Indicators

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Applications: RPM Indication, Pressure Indications, Level Indication, Temperature Indication.

  • Process Indicators-Temperature Input
  • Process Indicators-Voltage / Current Input
  • Process Indicators-Universal Input
  • Process Indicators-Universal Input With Alarm,Retransmission
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Applications: Production Counter Application, Packaging Machinery, Plastic Processing Machinery, Stone Processing Machinery, Rubber Processing Industry, Printing Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Food Industry.

  • Count Totalisers
  • Counters- Programmable/ Preset
  • Rate Indicators
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Multimedia Video Library

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