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Market leader in technology of industrial connection, interface and surge protection.

Phoenix Contact is an innovative and creative in the development and production of electrical and electronic components for industrial production systems and information systems in the context of diverse sectors enconomy.

High levels of quality of products and services from Phoenix Contact contributing to a prominent position in the Portuguese market. The product range consists of over 60.000 references, encompassing products conectic, interface, protection, communications and automation.

Phoenix Contact offers a world of electrical connection between conductors, terminals and industrial chips, a world of electrical signals combinations to instrumentation, command and control, a world of surge protections and a world of automation technology.

More than 17.000 employees of Phoenix Contact worldwide work in partnership with our customers, developing innovative products.

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The high levels of quality of Phoenix Contact products and services, contribute to a prominent position in the Portuguese market.

Product Category

Wide range of connectors, cables, terminals, controllers, tools, printers, etc.

PCB terminal blocks and PCB connectors

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Unique variety. Implement easy-to-maintain PCB connections for signals, data, and power.

  • Customer-specific PCB connections
  • High-current feed-through terminal blocks
  • PCB connectors
  • PCB terminal blocks
  • Product list High-current feed-through terminal blocks
  • Product list PCB connectors
  • Product list PCB terminal blocks
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Sensor/actuator cabling

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Reliable in the field. Connect your sensors and actuators quickly and safely in the field. We provide consistent product ranges for passive field cabling.

  • Assembled cables
  • By the meter
  • Cabling for North American requirements
  • Cabling for special applications
  • Connectors
  • Device connectors
  • Distributor boxes
  • Distributors and adapters
  • Product list Accessories
  • Valve connectors and cables

System cabling for controllers

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Efficient wiring. Connect the components of your automation system quickly, clearly, and without errors.

  • Controller-specific system cabling
  • System cabling for controllers
  • Potential distributor
  • Retrofitting and modernization components
  • Universal cables
  • Universal modules
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Cables and lines

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Reliable and flexible cabling. When it comes to transmitting signals, data, and power, Phoenix Contact always offers the right cable.

  • Cable entry system
  • Cable glands
  • Copper cables
  • Customer-specific cable assemblies
  • FO cables
  • Photovoltaic cables
  • Universal cables
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Fieldbus components and systems

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Intelligent networking. Save time during planning and installation: with this versatile product range you can create a fieldbus network for every application.

  • AS-Interface
  • CANopen
  • CC-Link
  • DeviceNet
  • EtherCAT
  • EtherNet/IP
  • FOUNDATION Fieldbus
  • HART
  • IO-Link
  • Modbus
  • Sercos


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More than just a comprehensive product range. Connectors for signals, data, and power offer an impressive solution for every application.

  • 19" plug-in card blocks and socket strips
  • Circular connectors
  • Data connectors
  • Heavy-duty connectors
  • High-current feed-through terminal blocks
  • Installation system
  • Modular rectangular connectors
  • PCB connectors
  • PCB terminal blocks
  • Photovoltaic connectors
  • Stackable power distribution


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Intelligent automation. PLCs in all performance classes. For controlling your automation system efficiently.

  • Programmable logic relay system
  • Modular controllers
  • Controladores compactos
  • Compact controllers
  • Software PLC
  • Controller-specific system cabling
  • Charging controllers
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Electronic switchgear and motor control

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Added value for your system. Switch motors or control heating systems precisely - our devices ensure a high level of productivity and increase your system availability.

  • Hybrid motor starters
  • Motor management
  • Motor starters with IP54 protection
  • Solid-state contactors
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Protective devices

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Be on the safe side. Whether a fuse terminal block, circuit breaker or surge protection: provide optimum protection for your cables, systems, and devices.

  • Device circuit breakers
  • Fuse terminal blocks
  • Surge protection
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The right tool for every application. You'll enjoy working with our tools: they are reliable and sit comfortably in the hand.

  • Automatic devices
  • Hand tools
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Power supplies and UPS

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POWER for superior system availability. Our high quality POWER products supply your application with leading technology.

  • Power supplies
  • DC/DC converters
  • Redundancy modules
  • Autonomous power supply
  • Customer-specific power supplies
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
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HMIs and industrial PCs

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Keep a closer eye on automation. With our comprehensive range of hardware and software for all aspects of operating and monitoring machines and systems.

  • HMIs
  • HMIs and industrial PCs for maritime applications
  • HMIs and industrial PCs for outdoor applications
  • Industrial PCs
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Lighting and signaling

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More than just light. Whether you are dealing with the system state, product quality or hard-to-inspect dark areas - with intelligent lighting and signaling technology, you always have everything within view.

  • Control cabinet lights
  • Light control system
  • Machine lights
  • Signal lights for maritime applications
  • Signal towers
  • Tower lighting for wind turbine generators
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Industrial Cloud Computing

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For the automation of tomorrow. Make the right decisions today, and head for the future - join us in the world of Proficloud.

  • Cloud devices
  • Cloud runtime
  • Cloud services
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Electronics housings

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Always the right housing. The wide range of electronics housings types provides you with endless possibilities when designing your device.

  • Basic housings
  • Building installation housings
  • DIN rail adapters
  • Development kits
  • Field housing
  • Individual solutions
  • Modular housings
  • Multifunctional housings
  • Press-drawn section housings
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Marking and labeling

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Amazingly easy. Forget the rest: the MARKING system is easy to use and is the ideal choice for all applications.

  • Equipment marking
  • Mobile printing and marking systems
  • Planning and marking software
  • Plant marking
  • Printing and marking systems
  • RFID system for device and system marking
  • Terminal marking
  • Wire and cable marking
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Installation and mounting material

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Save space and time. Make things easy: secure connections and components in switchgears with minimum effort and in confined spaces.

  • Cable entry system
  • Cable glands
  • Cable protection systems
  • Cable routing system
  • Distribution blocks, junction box connectors, and Europe connectors
  • Grounding and shielding
  • Installation material for the control cabinet
  • Junction boxes and empty enclosures
  • Plug assembly frames
  • Rotary switches
  • Sockets and service interfaces
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Relay modules

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Benefit from the full range. Look no further: you will be completely satisfied with our extensive and consistent range of relay modules.

  • Electromechanical and solid-state relay modules
  • Monitoring relays
  • Programmable logic relay system
  • Time relays
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Monitor and safeguard processes. Continuously observe your system parameters and react quickly to deviations - with our monitoring products.

  • Acquisition of meteorological data
  • Current and voltage measurement
  • Energy and power measuring
  • Monitoring and diagnostics
  • Signaling and display
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Surge protection and interference filters

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Effective protection. Do you want system operation to be unaffected by interference? Then surge protection is an essential requirement.

  • Surge protection for power supply units
  • Surge protection for MCR technology
  • Surge protection for information technology
  • Surge protection for transceiver systems
  • Surge protection for renewable energies
  • Set solutions
  • Test device for arresters
  • Isolating spark gap
  • Lightning current measuring
  • Interference filters
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Terminal blocks

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All connection technologies - one system. The CLIPLINE complete terminal block system is unique. You can freely select the connection technology.

  • Push-in connection
  • Spring-cage connection
  • Fast connection
  • Screw connection
  • Bolt connection
  • Barrier connection
  • Special connection
  • Distribution blocks
  • Terminal blocks for protection and control technology
  • Terminal blocks for photovoltaics
  • Terminal blocks for process technology
  • Product list Accessories
  • Planning and marking software
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Intuitive and efficient. Benefit from innovative software solutions - optimally tailored to hardware from Phoenix Contact.

  • Configuration, monitoring, and diagnostics
  • Device management and parameterization
  • Drivers and interfaces
  • Function blocks
  • Network management software
  • Planning and configuration
  • Planning and marking software
  • Programming
  • Remote control
  • Technology components
  • Visualization
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Functional safety

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Simplicity in safety. Your competent partner for safety technology: products, technologies, and services from a single source.

  • Configurable safety modules
  • Safe I/Os
  • Safe control technology
  • Safe signal conditioners
  • Safety relay modules
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Charging technology for electromobility

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Pioneer in E-Mobility. Phoenix Contact charging technology sets new standards in E-Mobility.

  • Charging systems
  • Charging controllers
  • E-Mobility software
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Measurement and control technology

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For high signal quality. Measurement and control products from Phoenix Contact provide high signal quality and ensure the quality of your closed-loop control circuits.

  • Charging controllers
  • Current and voltage measurement
  • Energy and power measuring
  • Monitoring relays
  • Process indicators and field devices
  • Product list Multiplexers for HART signals
  • Signal conditioners
  • Photovoltaic system management
  • Surge protection for MCR technology
  • Time relays
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Industrial communication technology

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Reliable communication. Increase the availability of your application - with high-performance data interfaces.

  • Copper transmission
  • Fast connection plugs
  • Fiber optic transmission
  • Fieldbus components and systems
  • Industrial Ethernet
  • Multiplexers
  • Remote communication
  • Serial device servers and gateways
  • Wireless data communication
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Multimedia Video Library

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