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Customized solutions

As distributors of various brands, we offer our customers a wide range of solutions for industrial automation and electricity in general.


Floor or wall mounting enclosures, custom and specific cabinets, terminal boxes and refrigeration systems.

Logotipo nVent|HOFFMAN
Logotipo Siemens

Remote access

Remote control, remote programming and data logging.

Commanding and signaling devices

Pushbuttons, toggle switches, pendant stations, indicator lights, intelligent push buttons and LED indicators.


Cabling and connection systems, pre-wired connectors and distribution boxes, connectors and terminals.

Controllers and process indicators

Temperature controllers, indicators and energy analyzers (voltmeters, multimeters, etc.), process indicators, timers and meters.

Programmable controllers

Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and programmable relay.

Motor control

Contactors, starters, Motor Control Centers (MCCs), safety isolation systems and soft starters.

Motion control

Actuators, servo drives, encoders, positioning software and servo motors.


Inductive, capacitive, luminescence, contrast, color, area, ultrasonic, UV sensors, photocells, label sensors, encoders, limit switches and RFID devices.

Circuit and load protection

Circuit breakers, Disconnect Switches, Electronic Circuit Protection, fuse holders, overload relays, motor overload protection and Surge Protectors & Filters.

Power supplies

Transformers, power supplies and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).


LED work light. Luminaries e projectors for industry and public services.

Distributed I/O

Input / output modules.

Field instrumentation and process automation

Pressure Transmitters, Temperature Transmitters, Load Cells, Flowmeters, Vibrating level Switches, Ultrasonic Level Sensors, Rotating paddle Switches, Capacitive Level Sensors and Valve positioners.

Measurement and signal conditioning

Signal Conditioners and intrinsic safety modules.

Measurement and power conditioning

Energy analyzers and current transformers.

AC Motors and servo motors

AC Motors and geared motors and Linear and rotary servo motors.

Industrial PCs and HMI terminals

Industrial computers, tablets, HMI graphic terminals prepared for all types of aggressive and industrial environments.

Communication networks

Managed and unmanaged switches, wireless and wired communication, fiber optics, gateways, components and fieldbus systems.

Timers and relays

General purpose relays, general purpose relay timmers, industrial relays and solid state relays.


Safety connection systems, safety inverters, I/O safety modules, safety positioning control, safety motor control, presence detection safety devices, programmable safety controllers, safety relays, safety sensors, safety limit switches and safety interlocks.

Timers and counters

Time switches, programmable counters, multifunction, totalisers and rate indicadtors.

Variable frequency drives

AC drives, variation software and converters.